A presentation

First of all, before starting (yet) another blog, I find it appropriate to introduce myself and more or less describe what you can expect from me here.

I’ve been writing on and off throughout my life. However, like most writers, I am dissatisfied with everything I produce and therefore end up eventually quitting. This has to stop.

My husband started a new blog recently, and kindly invited me to contribute. I did, and my article was freshly pressed! What a joy. So with all the praise and comments, I was very motivated to continue my endeavor. But, alas! As I was writing my next post the following day, my husband kicked me out of his blog! He said “Go write your own!”. He did it with love, as the mommy bird kicks the baby bird out of the nest. Are my wings ready to fly on my own? We’ll see.

So my name is Erika. I am 25 years old. I went to law school in the Dominican Republic, where I come from. I worked as a lawyer in civil litigation for almost two years. Then I left my country to do a master’s degree in Law & Economics, and got the chance to live in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. I fell in love with a classmate and now we’re happily married and live in France, where he’s from. I love linguistics, and can speak fluently in 4 languages. I’m also a self-proclaimed Beatles expert.

My goal is to develop some writing skills, give some insight on current events with the help of my legal background and previous experiences. I am currently enrolled in a second year of Master’s at University Panthéon-Assas. It is focused on law, economics and information systems, so I’ll also be writing a lot about new technologies and such.

Hopefully I will bring something interesting to this already saturated environment. I hope you’ll enjoy it.


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